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A free PC media player that allows customizing such as adding VR and subtitles

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GOM Player
GOM Player

GOM Player, known as one of the most versatile and customizable video players, can be downloaded for free, and you have access to a variety of different video formats. In fact, most of the popular video formats are available with this system. For individuals who like subtitles, you can add subtitles and VR.

GOM Player: The Free Alternative to Desktop Media

This video player works as the free desktop media player, and you have a wide range of advanced features to make the most of it. No matter what kind of software you need, you can likely support it with this program. GOM Player supports numerous file types, and you will also have extensive options for customization. For people who use the mobile, GOM doesn't have a problem with integrating with the mobile apps, and you can also control the computer media player through your mobile device. Basically, it turns the smartphone into a remote control for the media player.

Where's GOM Player Most Popular?

Since it first launched, GOM Player has seen the most popularity and downloads within the country from where it was first made—South Korea. It has moved over into the English speaking market where it has seen some shows of promise. As stated before, GOM Player supports a wide range of languages because it started in South Korea. As a result, we're seeing a more multilingual environment, which is especially an advantage when you speak multiple languages and watch videos in different tongues.

Plenty of Features and Support for Files

Through this system, GOM Player will support a wide variety of files, and it ranges from the most common video formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, Ogg and OGM to Matroska. The player might not necessarily have the codec to open the file chosen, but it will automatically search through an online database. This will direct you over to a site where you might have the option to download the desired codec.

Distinguish Which Ones Set Up

When you set up the program, you can choose to make the files open up automatically. In particular, this becomes helpful when you use the same video file regularly. For example, if you were using a video program to learn another language, you might have hours of footage to work with, which is when the automatic opening of the videos can be valuable.

GOM Player also lets you specify the output of the video quality to help with suiting the screen needs. This software works well, and you can watch videos while doing other things. You can also adjust the transparency of the player so that it works better. In general, this is a great up-and-coming video player that shows a great deal of promise.


  • Begins simply with plenty of excellent options.
  • You can automatically open files with this system.


  • Some concerns have been raised about this software stealing private information.

GOM Player is a versatile media player that can display streaming audio and video as well as locally-hosted files. A product of one of South Korea's largest broadcasters, the program first garnered attention in the West during the early days of the competitive StarCraft 2 scene. At that time, the highest-level tournaments for that game could only be viewed through GOM Player, and many fans of the game came to appreciate it for other reasons after first using it to watch tournaments.

Many people now choose the program as an alternative to traditional favorites such as VLC or Media Player Classic. GOM Player has built-in support for all of the most popular audio and video formats and is packed with options so that users can customize it as much as they want. In addition, it remains the only officially-supported way to access the GOM-provided StarCraft 2 streams. This gives it a lasting advantage with fans of that game.

Reliable and quite lightweight, the player is a pleasant one to use, and anyone familiar with operating a similar product will quickly become used to its few quirks. Its decoding performance is quite strong, with low CPU usage and accurate as well as senses-pleasing video and audio reproduction.

GOM Player can make use of hardware-assisted decoding resources, such as those included with many modern gaming-oriented graphics cards. The program also offers tight integration with a couple of other GOM-created media utilities, including a video encoder and converter that has a number of fans.


  • Great support for the popular encoding schemes
  • Solid streaming performance with low CPU demands
  • A straightforward, reasonable user interface


  • Given its South Korean origin and main user-base, English-language answers to problems may be a little harder to track down

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